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Are you an educator dedicated to making a difference in Colorado's students? Do you have a passion for teaching and learning?  Then CO ASCD is the right organization for you. We create fresh ideas, fervor, and insight about teaching and learning in Colorado.

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Show ~ Reflect ~ Develop

What do students need to be fully engaged in their learning and prepared for the world in which they will work and contribute?

This is the question that guides one of CO ASCD's most exciting projects– Framework 2021: A P-20 Vision for Learning in Colorado.  Learn More

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We Formulate: CO ASCD formulates opportunities that develop innovation through professional growth, your voice, and partnerships.  

We Ignite: CO ASCD ignites your voice to be heard within the P-20 educational community through innovation and professional growth. 

We Amplify:  CO ASCD amplifies you to enlarge your educator toolbox   through your stories and community of peers. 

We Curate: CO ASCD curates resources that illustrate classroom scenes of effective, P-20 research-based teaching practices in every subject to help you bring school improvement ideas and strategies to life. 

We Propel: CO ASCD propels you to spur your professional journey through relationships with P-20 educators reinforced by your voice. 

We Connect: CO ASCD connects your voice with the entire community of P-20 educators in Colorado and around the world. 

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Colorado Department of Education  



Colorado ASCD will unite and influence the P20 educational community to promote excellence for each Colorado learner.


Professional growth, voice and innovation for Colorado educators; advocacy and success for each Colorado learner.

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CO ASCD is reinventing the way organizations work together building upon generosity, sharing resources, and providing a greater value for educators.  

Today's CO ASCD experience is filled with networking opportunities and innovative Pk-20 events and resources developed for teaching the whole child. 

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We love educators and our educational community!  That's why we have developed this section dedicated to thanking those educators in our lives who truly inspire and strive to encourage all of us to achieve our best, no matter our individual goals.  Without further ado, a well deserved Thank You to these incredible people:

Jill Lewis

President CO ASCD

Thank you for your countless dedication to all things.

Nominated by: E. Burnette

Nominate an Educator

who made/makes a difference in education in Colorado

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submit by email to

Ceri Dean

ASCD Board Member

Thank you for your wonderful insight and drive.

Nominated by: J. Lewis

Nominate an Educator

who made/makes a difference in education in Colorado

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submit by email to

Nominations are needed for Giving Thanks: COASCD's Thank You Educator Recognition Segment. Any educator (active/retired) in Colorado can nominate an educator for a CO ASCD thank you. Entries should include the educator’s name, grade level (if applicable) and school/organization (or contact information), as well as the nominator's name, school/organization and grade level (if applicable), email address and phone number. Please include a written description and explanation of why the nominee made/makes a difference in education in Colorado. In addition to a written description and explanation please enclose a thank you sentence to be displayed in the giving thanks section. Nominations can be submitted by email to Submissions for Giving Thanks are ongoing. Please submit at anytime. Submissions will be posted in the order received.

Looking for something new to read? 

Check out these Authors: 

Author Promotions


The Coach Approach to School Leadership: Leading Teachers to Higher Levels of Effectiveness

by Jessica Johnson, Shira Leibowitz and Kathy Perret

Author Promotions

Teaching in the Fast Lane: How to Create Active Learning Experiences

by Suzy Pepper Rollins

Teaching in the Fast Lane details how to design, manage, and maintain an active classroom that balances autonomy and structure.

Author Promotions

Solving the Homework Problem by Flipping the Learning

by Jonathan Bergmann

Flipped learning allows students to be engaged while doing homework and have the teacher available to help them with the "hard" stuff.

Did You Know?   When you buy a book from ASCD using our affiliate’s passcode, ASCD donates funds to our affiliate. The same is true if you join ASCD, take an online course, or attend a conference. When you buy something by calling 1.800.933.ASCD or visiting, just use our affiliate’s passcode, COAFF (Colorado Affiliate) in the space that asks for a promotional code. Or, if you have a print ASCD order form, just write our passcode on it.  

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Would you like to post and advertise a current open position in your school/organization? Please email us at with a Job Title, description, salary, requirements, and contact information and we will post your position here.  All posts will be made public and will be posted at the discretion of CO ASCD.  

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